01 March 2011

uOllllsss~~~!!!!! Mood down sket hr ni...

~fuck la mood~

today mood ak spoil gler.... siyes ngah xder mood....  npe ni weiiiiii!!!! 

i dont know y i'm not in the mood, i dont know when im going 
back. its my problem, lemme face it alone.

i am not a legit person nor a loyal bastard myself. I-TRUST-YOU-TRUST-ME bullshit doesnt even appeal me either. so by all means, i am terrible at holding in my anger. once i POP, you better shut the fuck up. so heres my warning, i have a really bad temper. i dont give a fucking damn if you're blood related or vice versa, i'll treat you the same shit, and i swear to you that i'm fucking dead serious o'pal. if you failed to follow my needs/rules, you'll only be given one chance to make it up to me. but ONCE YOU MESSED UP THAT ONE LAST CHANCE, nah you're done. told you once, told you twice, i aint messing with you bitch. i don't mind ignoring you days/weeks/months, thats how i roll. promise is a promise, okay?

I FUCKING MISS MY FRIENDS, i need them to hold on. i'll be back.